Three Easy Ways and Areas to Save Money

A lot has been written, said about tips on how to save money. There have been even suggestions of “brew your own coffee,” “carry home lunch to work,” and “buy generic products.” All these are genuine tips; however, they don’t quite tackle the big problem. The average person’s financial dismal state goes beyond coffee, cheaper brand names or carrying lunch boxes, and this is what we will be looking at in this article.

Most of the readers of this article are earning or earn enough income to be able to save quite a lot. If this is not the case, then there might be a huge gap between the reality and your ego and you should be able, after reading this, dig deep and find these three things: your car, your home, and education. These are the first three things you need to look at when you want to start saving money.

Your house.

In this current era, most of all the new homes being developed have more bathrooms than the number of its occupants. It goes further, where half of these new houses have three, four or more bedrooms which are an increase from the previous years.

Many people are of the opinion that housing is quite expensive; however, this shouldn’t be the case. What becomes expensive is when you de-touch from reality and you outgrow the expectations of your income. You can have a decent house without all the extra rooms; two guest rooms, four bathrooms, and a two-car garage when you have one car. You can save a lot of money when you get housing with the necessities according to your needs and income but if you need you can try credit repair. You can view here DIY Credit Repair.

Your car.

According to an American automotive, Experian Automotive, the lower-income families who have the lowest credit ratings — their average auto loan is getting higher by the day. This is because they are going for vehicles that are quite expensive like full-size pickups and SUV’s.

The problem comes in when you just require a simple vehicle to be transporting you to work and maybe dropping and picking your two kids at school. You go and purchase one that can tow a boat and consumes a lot of gas. Assess your needs clearly and most of all look at a car that can give you better mileage in terms of gas.

Your education.

It is quite saddening the number of students with extensive students loans looming over their heads. This has largely been blamed on the soaring tuition costs which in reality might not be the case. The main issue is that students to get to go to university the right way.

Most students in most countries want to attend private universities, and these institutions are quite if not very expensive. Unless you have wealthy generous parents or a scholarship, then you should be looking at other options.

In most countries, the community colleges available have quite good quality education at affordable prices. You take two years in a community college and the other two years in a public university. This will save you a reasonable amount of money in terms of fees.